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My name is Mike Wigen. I am a full time illustrator since 2001. I work with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere. I draw logotypes, mascots and other designs in vector graphics or raster bitmaps.


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Graffiti Designs

Here's how it works,
You'll pick one of my featured font styles and colors of your own choice.


The price is $10 per letter and you’ll pay 50% up front and the remainder upon approval and delivery.
You can choose to pay via Paypal or credit card. If you choose to pay via Paypal invoice an additional charge of $4.50 will be added to cover their merchant fees.


3 revisions is included in the price. Revisions include colors, layout, removing elements or things outside the letters. Font outlines and changing/adding of elements within the letters is not included.
Additional revision is $25 but this is almost never needed.

File formats

We can offer either high resolution raster bitmap or vector graphics for most of our fonts/designs. It's important that you let us know what your end goal is with the design since the two different formats has their own pros and cons.

Vector Graphics:
Pros: Can scale as large as you want without quality loss. Superior for screen print. You want this format if you plan to print on clothing, big banners and truck covers.
Cons: This format can have less details, there's also a minimum line size so we can't have realistic splatter effects. We are also limited to gradients in some cases. Screen print costs are set by the quantity and number of colors used so often you want to limit your design to a few colors, often no more than 3+black and white but this is entirely up to you. If you're looking for a realistic graffiti design this is not the best format.

Raster Graphics:
Pros: Much more realistic and organic looking than Vector. We can add all kinds of glows, splatter, drips and use a million colors. There's no substitute for realism.
Cons: Although we work with very large files and you Should be able to print huge there are restrictions, if the design is scaled up it will lose quality. Not very much but notable up close. So if you plan to print larger than 6 feet/2 meters then this is not the best format. Raster files are not ideal for textile prints either, you will need to use digital heat transfer which can result in a "plasticy" texture where the print is. On bags this is OK on tshirts NO.