The Graffiti Creator is Dead. Long live The Graffiti Creator. (April 3rd, 2018)

Ever since Apple started a war against Adobe Flash (the program TGC was built in), more and more browsers stopped supporting Flash and as of 2018 almost all browsers, smart phones will kill Flash for good. So the app will no longer be available online in it's original form.

However there is hope. I have made all the Creators available as stand-alone executables for your PC (Sorry Mac users).
So all you need is to download the file and you can create your graffiti on your computer.

Although my online app were always free to use, I've now set a small price tag on the creators to make ends meet. Hope you don't mind to the contribution for more than 18 years of service for you guys.

Get your Creators Now, Click here!


I'm now set in trying to remake The Graffiti Creator from scratch for smart phone devises but it will take a lot of time and effort so bear with me. If you'd like to help me move the project forward, I'd appreciate any donation.



I'm still The Graffiti Creator so if you are in need of a graffiti design, check out my illustration service at


Thank you all.

/MindGem (Mike Wigen)



Quick history of The Graffiti Creator.

Back in 1999 I found this awesome app where I could animate stick figure movies in. That was Macromedia Flash 4.0. It was mainly a frame by frame had other stuff but that was mainly what people used it for. But in 2000, Flash 5.0 came out and introduced ActionScript. It was a high level code script, so now I could make simple games. Finally I combined my interest for programming with my interest for art and made the first Graffiti Creator.

After hosting the app on one of those build-your-own-website sites that were available back then, I finally bought the domain in 2005 and The Graffiti Creator exploded in popularity.

The website and app went viral and there were 200.000+ users making graffiti everyday. I was kicked out from several web hosts because my site ate up their entire broadband that were suppose to host thousands of websites, so my website went up and down inbetween switches.

Up til today the website has been viewed more than 2 billion times. I want to thank you all for your support. Hope to see you in my next venture.


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